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For a romantic dinner for two, a family lunch, or a place to entertain clients, Yakisoba offers the perfect choice. Each of our dishes is crafted from traditional roots using the finest sourced produce, bringing you a true taste of The Orient.

Our restaurant offers an ideal setting for special occasions. With a varied menu we have a dish for everyone’s palate. If you have any questions or would like to arrange a booking, please call us on 0161 862 0888.

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All the following  dishes are served with a new healthy ,flavoursome Bento Box ;

A Bowl of Miso Soup, Edamame Beans with Cabbage  & Cucumber Salad, A Sushi Roll, Fresh Fruits, Japanese Pickles.


The oriental people’s fondness for snacks and small eats reaches a kind apotheosis, family and friends would gather together to exchange gossip and relax after a hard day’s work in the tea house where people could enjoy themselves to an endless assortment of savoury buns, puffs and dumplings or sweet pastries, parcels brought to the table in small bite-sized portions.

Steamed food may take a little longer to assure that it’s cooked thoroughly, we ask you to kindly be patient.

Bento Box: A traditional lacqurered box consists ;

A bowl of Miso soup, Edamame Bean Salad  , A Sushi Roll , Fresh Fruits

The Bento is served with each of the following dishes .

All the following dishes are accompanied with steamed jasmine rice.

Natural and healthy, temple food is based on fresh seasonal vegetables and staples such as grains, Noodle and tofu.